Apple launched a new Covid-19 (coronavirus) screening app and companion website, to help US users determine whether they need to be tested for the illness and direct them to additional information from trusted medical sources.

Developed in partnership with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), White House Coronavirus Task Force and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the tools offer access to a question and answer assessment which helps users evaluate their personal risk factors, recent exposure and symptoms they may be experiencing.

Based on the assessment, users are encouraged to see a doctor for a test, or offered CDC-based advice on how to monitor and manage their symptoms at home.

The free tool also provides answers to frequently asked questions about Covid-19, and information from the CDC about best practices for hand washing, disinfecting surfaces and social distancing.

US president Donald Trump hailed the app as a “very modernised system,” adding “we only want people to get tested if we think they need it”.

Apple stressed users’ privacy is protected, with no sign-in or Apple ID required, and responses aren’t shared with the company or any government organisation.