Appitalism announced a version of its cross-platform app store designed to support tablets. Currently, the store has two versions: one for browsing from PCs, and the second version tailored for featurephone and smartphone screens. The firm says the new tablet-friendly version will support the “mid-size” screens of tablets such as Apple’s iPad alongside “tomorrow’s planned tablet devices such as the BlackBerry Playbook, HP Touchpad and Android-powered tablets”.

The store automatically detects a consumer’s device and platform when they enter the store and adjusts accordingly, so they are using the version that is most appropriate to them. However, consumers do get to exercise some choice in the matter. For instance, a tablet user is free to switch to the full website version of the store if they wish by clicking a button at the bottom of the page they are browsing.

Simon Buckingham, the founder of the store, said: “given the rapid expected growth in sales of tablet devices as well as sales of premium apps built for tablet devices such as enterprise apps, we felt that consumers with tablet devices deserved their own customised Appitalism experience.”