Facebook announced a host of changes around user acquisition and monetisation for its Instant Games platform, including allowing Android developers to keep a larger chunk of revenue made from in-app purchases.

As part of its efforts to make Instant Games on Messenger “an environment that is rooted in strong economics for our developer partners,” the social media giant said once Google had taken its fee of 30 per cent of in-app revenue, developers can keep the remaining 70 per cent. Previously, Facebook would keep 30 per cent of the amount leftover after Google took its share.

Facebook also said it will give developers “the full power” of its targeting and advertising platforms for more control over the types of audiences they want to introduce their games to.

“This is the first of many steps we are taking to help you further optimise your ROI [return on investment] on ad spends,” it said in a blog post.

In December Facebook introduced live streaming, video chat, and new titles including Angry Birds and Sonic Jump for Instant Games as it looked to up user engagement.