Marketing and advertising professionals need to change their approach as mobile apps become more prevalent, according to app analytics company Flurry.

Unlike television, which sees low usage during the day and a dramatic increase in evenings, mobile app usage increases steadily during the day.

In order to reach app users consistently, media planners must alter the weighting of their budgets away from the evening focus of TV to a more evenly-spread distribution during the day.

With mobile devices becoming ever more prevalent, Flurry said marketers and advertisers “need to learn how to make mobile a central part of their marketing and media plans, not just an afterthought.”

Flurry’s research also suggests that gaming is becoming a less dominant category for app users, with social and photo sharing apps catching up in terms of time spent in apps.

In addition, some categories, such as shopping and lifestyle, are used consistently during the day while other apps see the majority of usage in a narrower timeframe.