New whitepaper: Why It’s Time for Operators to Get Personal with Cloud Propositions

The mobile industry knows that it needs to generate revenue from new sources and move beyond simply providing connectivity if it is to maximise its potential in the digital value chain. Provision of personal cloud services is one of the immediate opportunities available to operators and one in which they can compete for new customers on a level playing field with rival providers such as Microsoft, Google and Dropbox.

Operators can get to market quickly by using white label personal cloud service providers and address a global market of billions of users.

However, operators have not been successful at developing new service revenues in other areas, notably messaging services, and have lost out on opportunities to widen their portfolios. This paper explores how they can avoid repeating the same mistakes and take a leading market share from this attractive, loyalty building and revenue generating service. The prize for operators will be large and real – but only if they act now to offer personal cloud services to their customers.

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