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New whitepaper: Revolutionizing Mobile Network Economics

The mobile industry is at a tipping point. In the 5G era, status quo network economics are unsustainable. Mobile operators cannot carry on business-as-usual and expect to meet surging bandwidth demand, compete with web-scale rivals and prepare for a 5G future. The cost-per-bit model must change, revenue generating services must be explored and revenue must be protected from fraud and hacking.

But traditional OEMs, also burdened by legacy business models, cannot help or deliver the innovation, flexibility and agility that CSPs require to remain competitive. It’s no longer hyperbole to say that the survival of mobile operators is at stake.

This white paper discusses the five critical factors for survival in the 5G era. It examines how network virtualization from the core to the Radio Access Network (RAN) transforms mobile network economics through cost savings, as well as introducing the network flexibility and service agility needed to drive revenue generation and providing the security solutions to ensure revenue protection.

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