New whitepaper: New mobile models will be driven by data analytics insights

New mobile models will be driven by data analytics insights

Mobile operators are at the tip of a spear of disruption that will radically transform their operations and businesses. Transformation surrounds them in network technology, digitalisation and virtualisation as well as in the new business models and opportunities such transformations enable. This is good and exciting news because, without such transformation, telecoms is an industry that is experiencing falling revenues and growing costs as it tries to provide the vast network capacity new services will demand.

This is a complex equation for operators to solve because it involves bringing new services to market while simultaneously virtualising and automating their networks and IT. They’re looking to make advances on both sides of the business by increasing revenues to replace falling traditional service revenue and to reduce costs by moving from function-specific, manually managed hardware to flexible, virtualised network equipment that is managed in an automated way and controlled by software.

All of these needs require real-time, accurate information in order for the appropriate decisions to be made. The way that these insights will be drawn out of the zettabytes of raw data the mobile industry handles is through data analytics which can create the actionable insights such systems need. This paper explores the key transformation challenges mobile operators face and how data analytics can be applied to the systems and technologies that address them.

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