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New Case Study: Why BSS Transformation is Vital for Operators’ Success in the Digital Economy

Amid all the excitement in the telecoms industry regarding virtualisation and digitisation, transformation of business support systems (BSS) hasn’t gone away and remains vital if operators are to take an expanded role in the digital economy. Operators face significant challenges as traditional sources of growth disappear because of market saturation and they’re required yet again to commit to billions of dollars of investment in new technologies. However, this time there’s the real prospect of unlocking new value from their networks.

To achieve this, which could be worth trillions of dollars, they’ll need new systems and processes to support the new services, new business models and new revenues of the new era of telecoms. BSS upgrades are vital to support these and cement operators’ position as the honest brokers at the centre of a raft of digital services often involving multiple parties and shared revenues. Operators can truly put themselves at the centre of the digital value chain if they get their BSS attributes right.

To learn how BSS transformation can prepare your business for success in the digital economy read this case study, which contains examples of how an operator has harnessed the power of transformed BSS.