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New Whitepaper – Smart Data Provides the Missing Link for Operators’ Digital Transformation

Communications service providers (CSPs) did not make money out of the first wave of digital services from native digital companies, which were designed for consumers. Now they have the chance to capitalize on a much bigger opportunity – digital services for business.

Naturally, it comes with considerable challenges – how are CSPs to manage networks to assure services and excellent customer experience in the face of virtualization, automation, the Internet of Things and the continuing boom in traffic caused by soaring consumption of consumer digital services?

Mining static data – information about customers and transactions – provides no context or insight into experience. The only thing that does that is the data about the progress of traffic across the network, which can be acted on in real-time to improve service outcomes, revenues, customer retention, better use of network assets and much more.

Raw network traffic comes in tremendous volume and varying formats to present a morass of detail. The trick is choosing the right, affordable solution to turn this into smart, immediately actionable data that reaps benefits straight away and puts CSPs in a strong position to exploit future developments in the market, technology and operations.

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