New Whitepaper – Enhancing Battery Life and Audio Performance in Mobile Devices

From wireless headphones to portable speakers, small electronic devices are still expected to deliver high-quality audio, along with long-lasting performance. Given their small form factor, however, delivering on these expectations presents a tough design challenge. That’s why we’ve got products on the market that offer great audio quality, but with sound that isn’t loud enough when the listener is in a noisy environment. And we have products that produce loud sound, but with distortion that becomes evident when the listener moves to a quiet room. Power consumption is a mixed bag.

This new white paper compares two audio solutions for developing small, portable electronics with audio. One of the solutions highlighted, based on a specialized, low-power audio codec, achieves the balance of great audio performance with low power consumption for mobile electronics.

Download the paper below to learn how you can enhance your mobile audio designs.

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