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New networks and new services demand new telecoms software

The telecoms industry is going through its most substantial shift since the introduction of IP networks in the 1990s. The new value chain involves the rapid introduction of services and apps and utilises multiparty business models to deliver the experiences network users need. Importantly, a network user could be a human, an Internet of Things (IoT) machine or a computing resource such as a server or an edge device. Each will have specific requirements of its network connection and require adjacent services such as compute power or data centre processing. CSPs have the potential to participate in this wider service delivery chain but they will need to have flexible, agile software systems that can rapidly pivot to support new services as they emerge and retire services as they fall out of use.

This paper looks at Wavelo, the new software provider that has been launched to revolutionise CSPs’ business and technical capabilities so they can participate in the digital services arena and take a central role as enablers of the new ecosystem.

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