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Mozilla names new CEO: “We are not just a smartphone OS”

25 MAR 2014

Mozilla has given the nod to CTO and co-founder Brendan Eich (pictured) as its new CEO, while Jay Sullivan, who held the position on an interim basis, has decided to move on.

Eich recently gave an interview to Mobile World Live in which he talked up Mozilla’s strategy for taking Firefox OS to other devices in addition to smartphones.

“We are open to other partners such as Panasonic bringing their expertise for co-branded Firefox instances in new categories because it is important to have category breadth and not be counted as just a smartphone OS,” he said.

Mozilla and Panasonic announced a smart TV partnership earlier this year, an early example of putting the Firefox OS into new types of devices.

Meanwhile Jay Sullivan, who was acting CEO for a year as well as COO, will stay on through the transition to the new regime and “then leave to pursue new opportunities”. His replacement is internal appointee Li Gong.

Sullivan spoke recently with Mobile World Live in which he talked up future plans, including Mozilla’s $25 smartphone due for release later in 2014.

The $25 smartphone, which gained a lot of attention recently at Mobile World Congress, also featured in Eich’s comments.

Eich co-founded Mozilla in 1998 and has been actively involved ever since. He is also the creator of Javascript.

Mitchell Baker, who also co-founded Mozilla, remains as executive chairwoman.


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