UK operator Everything Everywhere touted a survey which said that the launch of 4G (LTE) networks in the country could add 0.5 percent to the gross domestic product by the end of the decade – equivalent to £75 billion.

Based on “independent research released today from Capital Economics, commissioned by Everything Everywhere,” it was said that the launch of 4G would unlock £5.5 billion of direct private investment into the UK economy by 2015, in addition to the revenue to government from auctions.

It was also claimed that the technology can provide access to fast broadband services for 10 million people who will not be able to access fast fixed-line services by the end of the decade.

The operator has launched a website – – intended to enable individuals and organisations to learn about the technology and “say why they want it to be introduced in the UK.”

However, this initiative has not been without criticism. The Guardian reports that several “prominent” names listed among the backers have not actually signed up, amid concern that the initiative does not have the support of other operators – and may therefore reflect EE’s own viewpoint.

Everything Everywhere is currently working to get permission to launch LTE services using its 1800MHz spectrum, which will give it a head start over its rivals, which will have to wait for an auction later this year to get access to suitable frequencies.

Unsurprisingly, this has sparked significant concern among its peers, with the 4G auction process also on the receiving end of criticism.