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Napatech Whitepaper – Reimagining Mobile Networks for 5G

5G is the next big thing for mobile networks. But unlike previous generations of mobile technology, 5G will be far more disruptive to the mobile network industry. The next generation will enable much more than incremental improvements in data rates and spectral efficiency. It will fundamentally change how networks are deployed, operated and secured.

While some of the developments will be evolutionary, much of 5G’s capabilities will be built upon new architectural foundations. The vision for the future mobile network embraces new use cases and services that cannot be delivered on today’s static, physical infrastructure. It’s time to reimagine mobile networks from a holistic perspective to deliver high performance as well as operational efficiency in the 5G era.

Driven by changing end user requirements, the transition to virtualized, cloud-centric networking, as well as the adoption of edge computing, new infrastructure foundations are needed for 5G. Join this webinar to learn how Reconfigurable Computing Platforms – which is the combination of standard compute platforms and FPGA technology – will be sound foundations for 5G infrastructure by providing the flexibility, performance and operational efficiency that mobile operators will require.

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