MWL TV Keynote: IBM

27 FEB 2014

Exclusive replay of Ginni Rometty’s keynote appearance at Mobile World Congress 2014.

  • Josh

    That’s amazing. IBM rocks, as for 102 yo company this is impressing. Hope Watson won’t be like SKYNET :))))

  • M Van der Poorten

    During her presentation, Ginni mentions the URL to participate in the IBM Watson Mobile Developer Challenge. The correct URL is Come and astonish the world!

  • The absolute best description to-date about how DATA is the
    worlds … New Natural Resource, augmented by the inherent competitive
    advantages for business and enterprise.

    Virginia’s message resonates so well after attending this
    year’s MWC because of the buzz that mobile devices have matured and the focus
    is now shifting to how to enable end-users to do what it is they need to do, on
    the mobile device.

    This next stage of connecting end users, through systems of
    engagement, will enabling whole distribution channels to efficiently generate
    granular, structured data on a real-time basis and in doing so will expose the
    value of NLP & Watson to even the smallest of businesses.

    This is a leveling of the playing field for business, any
    size of business, and the early adopters will gain an incredible competitive

  • What a powerful perspective! – thanks for Sharing Allan! great quote: “DATA is theworlds … New Natural Resource”

  • Anjanayan

    Which ever be the organization which ever be their industry ,if they are training Watson according to their business they are actually making their business better and also briging a lot of opportunities in future..That’s the power of cognos !!
    In short Watos means improved business for those who are using it..

  • Elvira Onofrio

    Great discussion on the IBM PoV

  • That’s amazing.