LIVE FROM MWC LAS VEGAS 2022: The City of Las Vegas is building what its CIO stated will be the most extensive municipal network in the US to extend connectivity across public spaces in order to provide educational, telemedicine and security services.

“Wireless opens up a brand-new future and brand-new opportunities, not just for our community as a whole, but for businesses that come here or already work here,” stated Michael Sherwood (picture, right), the CIO of the City of Las Vegas during a keynote address.

NTT and additional partners will more than double the number of network access points throughout Las Vegas. The regional network will also be open to third-party APs and end-user devices.

Sherwood stated the CBRS network was a partnership between the City of Las Vegas, Clark County, and the state of Nevada.

For education, students of all grades, including college, will be able to access virtual learning for free by using the network while adults can tap into workforce development training.

Doctors will be able to meet with their patients virtually instead of at physical locations.

In addition, government agencies can place and move cameras in public areas or parking lots to provide additional security as part of Las Vegas’ smart city initiatives.

As additional use cases emerge, the network will serve as a framework for revenue generation that can improve the city’s bottom line while supporting network maintenance, expansion and enhancement.

Sherwood noted it will also help with water conservation and transportation efforts going forward.

“Having that wireless bridge, or that gateway, really opens our abilities to offer and to accept new technologies,” Sherwood said.