MWC 2014: Day 2 video feature

25 FEB 2014

Mobile World Live brings you exclusive footage of the Monday of Mobile World Congress, including clips from the Facebook and WhatsApp CEOs and press conferences from Nokia, HTC and Sony.

  • I agree with Mark Zuckerberg, a service that can reach a billion people has huge potential – untapped as yet by WhatsApp alone. I thought it was funny he said $17b was cheap – he wouldn’t have said that before the price was announced :-)

  • Your math is off. That is $17 per user, assuming 1 Billion users, which is far from true, since whatsapp has less than 500 million. So that’s $34 per user.

    Now, consider that those users are people who love whatsapp because it’s basically free when SMS costs money. So he paid $34 per user for users with no loyalty, and who seek free. Yes, you can monetize free users…but I hope you’ll agree that getting your money back at $34 each is a lot harder than at 17 cents each.