Mozilla sees Firefox OS momentum beyond smartphones

Mozilla sees Firefox OS momentum beyond smartphones

06 JAN 2015

LIVE FROM CES 2015: Mozilla announced a number of developments with its Firefox OS platform, which it said shows the flexibility of the platform “across device categories and user experiences”.

The most high-profile product was Panasonic’s Life+ Screen 4K Ultra HD Smart TVs. Mozilla announced a partnership with the consumer electronics company at the event this time last year, and products will be available from this spring.

“Through the collaboration, Panasonic’s 2015 TV user interface has advanced significantly from last year, making it even easier for users to quickly access their favourite content – including live TV, applications, websites and content on other devices,” Mozilla observed in a blog post.

Panasonic TVs powered by Firefox OS will allow TV on-screen notifications from applications and, in the future, from compatible connected devices.

Technology company Matchstick announced Flint, an open software and hardware video-streaming platform based on Mozilla’s Firefox OS. It said that the system is intended to deliver “highly interactive streaming and screen-to-screen experiences including two-way interactivity, ad hoc and remote functionality.”

Matchstick also said that it had created hardware partnerships with Phillips/AOC and TCL to distribute Flint-enabled products including TVs, monitors and set-top boxes.

Separately, Yezz, which describes itself as a “trend-setting mobile brand”, announced two Firefox OS-powered devices, which it said “will address the global need for affordable smartphones, opening the gates of the mobile web to those previously denied access due to the inaccessible pricing of smartphones”.

The company offered few details, other than that one has a 3.5-inch screen and the other a 4-inch display, and feature “well-rounded lines and crisp colours”.

And Mozilla also took the opportunity to highlight the recently-announced Fx0 smartphone from KDDI, which it described as “the most powerful Firefox OS smartphone yet”.


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