Motorola unveils planned smart watch

Motorola unveils planned smart watch

19 MAR 2014

Motorola followed up on its intention to move into the wearables market by showcasing its Moto 360 smart watch, powered by Google’s recently-unveiled Android Wear platform.

Having branded previous-generation products “ugly”, the company said the new device, which has a round face and “premium” materials, “feels comfortable and familiar on your wrist”.

In a blog post, Lior Ron, CVP of product management at the company, wrote: “From mechanical to electronic movements, analogue to digital faces, the wristwatch has been reinvented several times over, but the basic design has endured for a century because of its elegance and usefulness ‘at a glance.’ Our vision for Moto 360 was to celebrate that history as we reimagined the wristwatch for the future.”

The smart watch will deliver users “subtle alerts and notifications”, including email or call details, meeting schedules or social posts. It also responds to voice input.

But few details of the product were confirmed. So far, availability details have been limited to “a variety of styles globally in Summer 2014, starting in the US”.


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