Vimpelcom and MasterCard launch NFC payments in Russia

VimpelCom and MasterCard launch NFC payments in Russia

14 JUN 2013

In cooperation with MasterCard and Alfa Bank, VimpelCom has launched an NFC-based payments service in Russia under its Beeline brand.

The NFC system uses MasterCard’s PayPass reader technology at check-outs and an application from Alfa Bank.

Transactions are processed over the Alfa Bank processing centre based on SmartVista software.

The service, however, is currently only available to a pilot group of Alfa Bank customers.

The launch of the limited service comes on the heels of a strategic partnership, announced in March, between the VimpelCom group and MasterCard.

The Russia-based operator has around 212 million subscribers in 18 countries.


Ken Wieland

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