RBS will be first UK bank to offer Visa’s wallet

Visa announces UK, US partners for wallet

28 NOV 2012
RBS sign

RBS will be the first financial institution in the UK to launch V.me, Visa’s digital wallet which enables users to make transactions through their smartphone, tablet or PC using only a user name and password.

And the credit card firm has announced Bank of America will be the latest bank in the US to offer the wallet. BofA has started a trial of V.me with its online banking customers, although it has not said when a commercial launch is planned.

In the UK, RBS will offer the digital wallet to its own and Natwest’s customers initially on a trial basis ahead of a commercial rollout in the Spring of 2013.

The credit card firm will announce further support for V.me in the UK from “several major banks in the coming months”, according to Mariano Dima, executive vice president of product and marketing solutions at Visa Europe.

Initially the UK service will enable users to make online transactions via their mobile devices but later it will make possible NFC-based payments in locations such as shops and restaurants as well as P2P payments between individual users.

Visa has already announced that BBVA, a Spanish bank, will be the launch partner for V.me in Spain. The service will also launch in France in late 2012, although the credit card giant has not announced a launch partner for the country. In addition to banks, a potential partner could be from another sector, such as retail or e-commerce.

Visa recently launched V.me in the US where 53 banks are offering the digital wallet to their customers, as well as 23 online merchants.


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