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Walmart supports outsider Chase Pay

08 NOV 2016

JP Morgan Chase & Co’s Chase Pay will be the first third-party payments app to be supported by Walmart on its website, within its app and in store through the Walmart Pay service.

Chase Pay enables users to make payments via their phone using the bank’s Visa-backed credit and debit cards. The service is scheduled to go live with Walmart in 2017.

Intriguingly, the retailer also said it is in talks with a number of other payment apps about including them in Walmart Pay, an executive said.

The comments were made by Daniel Eckert, senior vice-president of services at Walmart in the US, in an interview with Reuters.

He also said the retailer would adjust its marketing for the payments app after the most frequent users turned out to be so-called Gen X users, born from 1965 to 1967, and baby boomers born from 1946 to 1964.

“The target demographic during the launch of a technology product tends to be younger, more male, so we have had that target market in mind,” Eckert said.

Walmart Pay launched earlier this year.

Payment services from Apple, Google and Samsung are the most high profile in the US but the Walmart executive did not say whether the retailer had been talking to them about appearing in its payments app.


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