The UK is the latest European country where Vodafone and PayPal have unveiled in-store payments for Android smartphone users.

Vodafone subscribers in the UK will be able to make contactless purchases using their PayPal accounts in shops and restaurants, as well as on public transport in and around London.

The service is called Vodafone Pay, which is the operator’s mobile payment service and is part of the Vodafone Wallet app.  Users must first download the app and then link their PayPal account to Vodafone Pay. And they must change their current SIM for an NFC-enabled one.

The service works with more than 100 Android models available in the UK.

Vodafone Pay also enables users to add Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards for contactless payments.

Previously, Vodafone and PayPal launched in Italy and Spain. Vodafone Wallet is currently available in Spain, Italy, the UK, Germany and Netherlands, giving a probable roadmap for future availability of the PayPal service. Vodafone has not disclosed its rollout plans.

The alliance between the operator and PayPal was announced at this year’s Mobile World Congress.

Vodafone Pay is effectively a virtual payments card issued by the UK’s Raphaels Bank. The card is licensed by Mastercard or Visa Europe depending on the nature of the funding source.

PayPal struck deals this summer with both Visa and Mastercard enabling its users to pay for offline transactions in place where the two credit card giants are accepted for contactless payments.