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Vodafone in NFC trial in NZ

25 NOV 2011

Vodafone has teamed up with Bank of New Zealand for an NFC trial involving staff from the two companies. The trial, which will run until the end of February, will involve 44 staff members drawn from both Vodafone and the bank. Also involved are Visa and local payments processor Paymark. Merchant participation is limited to employees making payments using their mobile phones at cafés in the companies' respective headquarter buildings. Hence the name of Project Espresso for the NFC trial. Vodafone’s headquarters is in Auckland wnile BNZ is based in Wellington. The operator claims this is the first time the country has seen a SIM-based NFC deployment whereby the secure element is embedded in a handset’s SIM card. The trial will deploy NFC-based Samsung Galaxy S II handsets in the trial.


Richard Handford

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