Samsung signed a deal with financial technology company Curve to widen the scope of its mobile wallet offer in the UK, which includes the launch of a Samsung Pay-branded digital card.

Details of the upgraded service are limited, though it will include tools to allow greater management of finances and systems compatible with a range of payment providers and loyalty cards.

The Samsung Pay Card is being issued in collaboration with Mastercard and aggregates other payment cards and loyalty services registered with user accounts.

Should the digital card work in the same way as a standard account provided by Curve, consumers will be able to use their Samsung Pay Card to initially pay for goods and then decide which registered debit, credit or prepaid card is subsequently used to ultimately settle the transaction.

Samsung expects the service to launch later this year and describes it as a European first for the company.

The announcement follows the unveiling of a similar tie-up for the US market with local digital financial services provider sofi last month. That deal relates to the inclusion of cash management features to its app and launch of a branded debit card.