Operator Mauritius Telecom and HKT division PCCW Global launched what they claimed is the African island’s first national mobile payment service, a move the partners believe will help close the digital divide in the country.

The service, called My.t Money, is based on HKT’s Tap & Go mobile payment service the company operates in its home market of Hong Kong.

In addition to retail mobile payments, the system is designed to be integrated with a number of civic services including those related to education, transportation and social welfare.

Mauritius Telecom CEO Sherry Singh said the company aimed to “positively disrupt the payments industry,” adding 200,000 customers had already signed-up ahead of launch with 1,000 merchants on the island set-up to use the service.

Payment services will be available through both smartphone applications and a platform designed for use on more basic handsets, a feature PCCW Global said would address the unbanked population.