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Juvo helps operators with user identity

06 OCT 2016

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Steve Polsky, founder and CEO of Juvo, said the US firm has found a way for operators to better know millions of pre-paid users.

The firm just announced it is working with Millicom on its self-service application, Tigo Shop, in six Latin American countries: Guatemala, Colombia, Paraguay, El Salvador, Bolivia and Honduras.

And there are other operators too, said Polsky.

The company worked stealthily for two-and-a-half years and announced itself only recently, hence the belated news about a relationship with Millicom that is two years old.

Polsky said Juvo’s technology enables operators to get closer to pre-paid users, and move from anonymous to identity-based relationships. He argues the approach goes beyond credit-scoring. “It’s much broader,” he said.

Watch the full interview here.


Richard Handford

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