Groupon aims big with Gnome

Groupon aims big with Gnome

22 MAY 2014

Daily deals firm Groupon has introduced an iPad-based checkout system called Gnome whose features include the ability for retailers to recognise customers via Bluetooth when they enter their store.

If a user has downloaded the Groupon app (and switched on their Bluetooth capability) then any coupons from the company will be automatically redeemed as the Gnome system recognises the user.

In addition, the system enables businesses to follow cash, credit and debit card transactions. The iPad itself replaces a business cash register. The system also includes payment processing, as well as integration with popular business accounting software.

Groupon will charge merchants $10 a month for Gnome.

The company has previously launched mobile payment systems targeted at retailers but this adding of new features brings it much more into competition with the likes of Square or PayPal. The Bluetooth customer recognition also smacks of Apple’s iBeacon system.


Richard Handford

Richard is the editor of Mobile World Live’s money channel and a contributor to the daily news service. He is an experienced technology and business journalist who previously worked as a freelancer for many publications over the last decade including...

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