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Fortumo, Payelp Global deal spreads carrier billing to merchants

08 JAN 2014

Fortumo and Payelp Global have set up a partnership that will enable mobile subscribers in emerging markets to pay for goods on their phone bills with online retailers and businesses.

The partnership will back merchants who use payment platform Payelp in offering Fortumo’s carrier billing service to their users, as an alternative to charging purchases to a credit card or other payment methods.

Payelp offers payment services to merchants in over 74 countries worldwide. Its speciality is digital goods and services although it works with merchants selling physical goods as well.

Comments by Fortumo CEO Rain Rannu (pictured) indicate that the partners are targeting emerging markets. “Mobile payments bring the biggest revenue to merchants from countries where few people have credit cards – Central & Eastern Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia. Our common expertise in emerging markets with Payelp will help more merchants earn additional revenue through operator billing.”


Richard Handford

Richard is the editor of Mobile World Live’s money channel and a contributor to the daily news service. He is an experienced technology and business journalist who previously worked as a freelancer for many publications over the last decade including...

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