Firm to add NFC in Swedish stores

Firm to add NFC in Swedish stores

09 APR 2013

Swedish firm Seamless is adding NFC to its existing Seqr solution that enables users to make payments via mobile phone in stores.

The firm is embedding a thin RFID chip supporting NFC in stickers for QR codes that are attached at checkout terminals. The consumer app for Seqr will be updated in May.

Seamless claims its solution is the market leader in mobile payments for Sweden. It  has proved attractive to retailers because it avoids high card fees, said the firm (no card is involved in the transaction). In addition, it has ease and cost of installation, as well as security, in its favour, it said.

Instead of using their existing credit or debit cards, Seamless users must open a new account from which they make transactions. Seamless uses a Swedish company called Collector for this account.

Once they have opened the account, users get credit for 30-50 days and pay monthly with no additional cost, providing they pay off the whole outstanding amount.

Among the retailers in Sweden using Seamless technology are Axfood (the country’s third largest retailer), McDonalds and Kjell & Co. The firm has also just signed an agreement with watch distributor Ur & Penn to introduce its mobile payments technology to its network of stores.

Seamless users can make payments online, as well as in retail outlets.



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