Apple came under scrutiny in the European Union (EU) following complaints the US giant had stifled competition in payment services with Apple Pay, Reuters reported, citing Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager (pictured).

Speaking at a press conference at the Web Summit technology conference in Lisbon yesterday (7 November), Vestager reportedly said complaints centered on the difficulties posed entering the mobile money sector as a result of Apple’s presence.

Apple Pay launched in 2014: the company stated it is now available in 57 countries globally, including all 28 EU member states.

Last month Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed the payment service recorded 3 billion transactions in its fiscal Q4, double the number in the comparable period of 2018.

Vestager was reappointed as the EU’s competition commissioner in September, with her role expanded to cover EU digital policy. The Commissioner forged a reputation for taking a tough stance on technology companies.