UK-based OTT banking platform Curve broadened its reach, opening the door for Android users in the country to access its service through a partnership with Google Pay.

In a statement, Curve said the deal enables its customers to make payments using a range of Android devices, including smartwatches and phones, simplifying the process of remitting funds across “hundreds of apps” by removing the need to enter their details each time they make a transaction.

Diego Rivas, Curve’s head of product for OS, said the integration offers additional payment options, which he said would deliver “one of the most rewarding and feature-packed personal finance products on the market”.

Curve added another key benefit is the provision of an extra layer of security on top of its existing stack, “making it even safer to send money, store tickets or cash-in on rewards”.

The company offers a way for users to consolidate a range of credit and debit cards, including those from Mastercard and Visa, into a single physical card and associated app.