Visa cardholders with Canadian CIBC bank could be the first to have access to Samsung Pay when it makes a debut in the country, said Mobile Syrup.

Samsung has been saying for much of 2016 that it would launch in Canada, so an announcement is likely to come shortly from the South Korean vendor.

A screenshot taken by a Reddit user from within the Samsung Pay app revealed the service might be set for a debut via a partnership with CIBC.

In fact, it appears that certain Visa cardholders with CIBC might have a jump on other bank customers when it comes to Samsung Pay:

“Samsung has partnered with CIBC to provide Canadian customers to provide early access to Samsung Pay. Currently only select credit cards from CIBC are compatible,” it said.

Last year, CIBC was the first of the country’s major banks to support Suretap, a mobile payment service backed by Canadian operators Bell, Rogers and Telus, as well as MVNOs Koodo and Virgin Mobile Canada.