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Apple presses go on card launch

06 AUG 2019

Apple began offering its Apple Card to select customers, a move which kept the company on track to launch the new payment platform this month.

The company, which announced the launch of the credit card in partnership with Mastercard and Goldman Sachs in March, invited customers to apply for the new service. It is initially offering access to people who requested to be notified when it first became available.

It is expected Apple will widen availability later this month, with customers able to apply for the card directly from the wallet app on their iPhones.

The play is part of Apple’s push around services as it aims to reduce reliance on iPhone sales in the face of stagnation and slow growth. The card is designed to build on its Apple Pay platform, and will allow users to pay for goods and services online or in store through their iPhones.

Apple is offering the credit card with no annual, transaction or penalty fees. Users will receive discounts and offers on goods and services purchased directly from the company. For example, acquisitions from Apple’s retail and online stores, iTunes or Apple Music will earn customers 3 per cent cash back.

As well as rolling out the service, it was confirmed the new credit card will not allow users to buy cryptocurrency, lottery tickets, foreign currency or casino gambling chips, either physical or virtual.



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