Apple Pay is popular on TfL, collects gripes

Apple Pay is popular on TfL, collects gripes

22 JUL 2015

An analysis of social media reaction to newly launched Apple Pay by UK firm Brandwatch suggests Transport for London (TfL) is by far its most popular use, but also many users have had unsatisfactory experiences.

The firm analysed 26,000 tweets and found the highest volume of mentions was for using Apple Pay on TfL’s trains, bus and tube network, followed by sandwich retailer Pret, upmarket supermarket Waitrose, chemists Boots and Tesco, the mass-market retailer.

At the other end of the scale, Brandwatch suggests fast-food outlets McDonald’s, Nando’s and Subway are among the least used.

However, the outlets most used for Apple Pay were also the ones attracting the most negative comment. For TfL, approximately one third of the social media traffic appears to be negative, similar for Pret.

For TfL, this fits with some other comment about the shortcomings of using Apple Pay on the transport system, including being charged full fare if a device battery expires during a journey.

But it looks worse for other retailers, including Waitrose where more than three-quarters of comments appear to be negative. Tesco appears to have about two-thirds negative feedback. Those figures seem to indicate dissatisfaction with Apple Pay’s user experience that needs some work.


Richard Handford

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