Google’s Android Pay joined its two main rivals in Australia but with the backing of only one of the country’s four largest banks.

Android Pay is backed by 28 financial institutions on its debut in the country, including American Express and Macquarie, but just one of its biggest banks, ANZ.

Also, the service at launch will only work with Visa-backed cards, as well as Amex ones. MasterCard is billed as “coming soon”.

ANZ was also the first bank to support Apple Pay in Australia, back in April, which has also made slow progress in persuading leading banks to back it.

Google originally said Android Pay would launch in Australia during the first half of 2016, so it is a little late. It was previously reported that Westpac, another one of Australia’s big four banks, was going to support Android Pay at launch with ANZ, but this has not materialised.

Contactless payments have already taken off in Australia and leading banks have developed their own mobile payments apps, making them less inclined to support services from Google, Apple and Samsung in a hurry.

Android Pay is currently available in the US, UK and Singapore, in addtion to Australia.