Mobey Forum: Hidden controls are holding back mobile wallet development

The development of mobile wallet technology is being held back by a number of ‘hidden …


World Bank’s new database shows three quarters of the world’s poor are unbanked

Three quarters of the world’s poor do not have a bank account, not only because …


New study asks whether international remittances boost mobile money services

A recent report by CGAP and Dalberg Global Development Advisers examined whether international remittance payments can be a means to help build domestic mobile money services.


Britons are the biggest mobile shoppers in Europe

Shopping on mobile devices is set to increase by 584% this year from just £0.7bn …


EC green paper: Breaking down barriers to secure and innovative card, internet and mobile payments

Carrying a virtual train ticket or repaying a friend with your mobile phone, buying your …


2014: The year Siri becomes your bank manager

The majority of Brits will use voice commands to check their bank balance and perform other basic banking tasks on their mobile phone by 2014, according to Intelligent Environments, a digital banking provider.


McAfee’s Threats Predictions 2012

Predicting future threats can be a hit-or-miss exercise for a security research organization.


“An easy way to pay” is not enough to drive global adoption of the mobile wallet, says Mobey Forum

Simply providing consumers with the convenience and functionality of mobile wallet technology will not be sufficient to drive mass-market adoption, asserts Mobey Forum in a new white paper announced today.


IBM Benchmark: Black Friday Report 2011

This new report from IBM gives an insight into consumer online behaviour over Thanksgiving 2011.


Seizing the mobile retail opportunity. A Mobile Manifesto.

Over the past ten years, the Internet has revolutionised commerce. It has given consumers access …