The Senegalese government reportedly suspended access to video-sharing app TikTok, a decision which came two days after the state restricted the use of mobile data.

In a statement seen by Reuters, communications minister Moussa Bocar Thiam explained the suspension had been enforced because it believed the platform was “favoured by people with bad intentions to spread hateful and subversive messages threatening the stability of the country”.

This rationale was also used by the government when it decided to limit mobile internet access on Monday following political protests in the country’s capital Dakar.

Moussa told local newspaper Seneweb that TikTok will be suspended “until further notice”, and that operators in the country must comply with “the notified requisitions”.

Restrictions came after the leader of an opposing party Ousmane Sonko was charged with plotting an insurrection, among other offences.

Senegal had seen violent protests throughout the year, outlets stated, as political upheavals intensify over President Macky Sall’s alleged efforts to disqualify Sonko from the election next year.