Microsoft talks up Windows Phone success

Microsoft talks up Windows Phone success

07 MAR 2013

Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform is outselling the iPhone in seven markets, and is beating BlackBerry in 26, Terry Myerson, corporate VP of Windows Phone, has told Mobile World Live in a new video interview.

Speaking at Mobile World Congress, the executive was clear on the opportunity for the platform against the dominance of rivals Google and Apple.

“Android is pretty much a confusing mess, and if you are looking for something that is more intuitive Windows is there for you. And the iPhone is kind of boring now.”

Myerson said that rather than looking at winning market share, the company is focused on “winning over consumers”.

“We want to win over those consumers with amazing products. And having what I think is the best phone experience, the best tablet experience on the market today, that’s the thing we’re most proud of and the thing that really drives us,” he said.

One of the key benefits the executive highlighted is the fact the Windows family addresses more than just mobile devices, also supporting PCs and home entertainment devices.

“Consumers are looking for an experience that spans their devices, they can learn it once, and then they apply what they have learned across lots of their devices – they can see their content move seamlessly across all of their devices,” he said.

In reference to the computing giant’s 4Afrika initiative, Myerson also noted the potential for Windows Phone to serve cost-sensitive markets. “We think we can bring a really high-quality, excellent experience to people at the very lowest price points, unlike some of the low-quality Android alternatives they have to choose from,” he said.

Watch our full interview with Terry Myerson here.


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