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Mentor Whitepaper – How ‘mobile-centric’ fibre networks will make the UK a 5G leader

The roll out of 5G in the UK faces a large hurdle.

5G will depend on fibre networks to ensure the transport of very high speed and low latency data services.

But the UK’s mobile network operators (MNOs) don’t have access to the affordable, wholesale, dark fibre infrastructure they need for 5G – and it’s already testing their ability to add capacity to 4G networks in the areas of densest mobile usage.

Nor can MNOs hope to tap into regulated access to widespread fibre to the premises [FTTP] networks: The UK lags behind other large economies when it comes to FTTP deployment.

The answer in dense urban areas is to create mobile-centric fibre networks, which can be extended into residential and business broadband use.

In this paper we look at how MNOs can partner with broadband players and investors to build mobile-centric fibre networks that support both 5G and the UK government’s wider full-fibre network plans.

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