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5G will transform key industries such as autonomous vehicles, aviation and healthcare

21 DEC 2018

PARTNER FEATURE:  The Cross-Industry session at the Speakers’ Corner welcomed leading companies from the Aviation, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Geographic Information System, Health Case, Wireless industries, as well as Local Government Consortium and many more, to share their vision of the 5G era.

Mobile Networks and UTM

Marc Kegelaers, Co-Owner and CEO, Unifly

  • Unifly creates a system that utilizes the cellular network to manage autonomous aviation vehicles.
  • LTE network is mature in connecting the UAVs.
  • 5G will improve the efficiency of multiple features.
  • AI will widely be applied in the UTM, LTE’s new innovations and 5G makes it feasible.
  • Unifly works with partners including Huawei, to trial the latest network and system features.

Enabling better outcomes across the health continuum with 5G

Patrick Van Beers, Head of Digital Platform Solutions, Philips

  • LTE’ new innovations and 5G connects the dots of both cloud innovation and healthcare electronics innovations.
  • The future of healthcare is connected healthcare, where customized treatment is possible, and the accuracy of diagnosis is improved.

5G: The driver for UK productivity

Mark Stansfeld, Chair of WLEP and 5G lead for Midlands Engine

  • The UK is establishing 5G projects all across the country.
  • The UK government is highly committed to 5G, to build the 5G ecosystem and the testbeds, including the Worcestershire consortium.
  • WLEP is facilitating Mazak, BOSCH and a big number of partners with a 5G trial platform.
  • WLEP and the partners are exploiting 5G to improve the efficiency of the factory, and to bring more mobility and therefore added value.

Analyzing Where Smartphone Users’ Cellular Experience is Superior to Wi-Fi

Ian Fogg, VP Analysis, OpenSignal

  • In some countries cellular is already delivering a faster experience than Wi-Fi.
  • The consumption of mobile video on smartphones keeps leading network deployment.
  • The transition from 4G/LTE to 5G NR, cellular experience is a big advantage comparing to WiFi, including latency, reliability, etc.

Exploration of Using Mobile Networks for UTM

Vanessa Kuroda, Wireless & Comms Architect, Altiscope at A³ by Airbus

  • Airbus has as in-depth AI based plan of managing the aircrafts of 100 feet to 30,000 feet.
  • Mobile network plays a huge part in the “blueprint” system.
  • Mobile network has a unique value because of the cost and performance.

Why the science of ‘where’ will transform your business

Richard Stevenson, Telecoms Lead, Esri UK

  • The telecom industry has a huge amount of data. Especially when evolving into the 5G era.
  • Using the GIS system, ESRI shares how you can improve your existing 4G customer experience.
  • GIS will enable effective planning of new 5G networks

LTE/5G Connected Drones – Paving the Way for the Future

Kamarul A Muhamed, CEO, Aerodyne

  • There are limitations in the current drone technology, with less connectivity and AI.
  • Key Benefits of 5G Solution is to bring the cloud AI to the drone, thanks to the uplink bandwidth and short latency.
  • BVLOS has an advantage for enterprise use cases such as in the Oil&Gas, Industrial, Power and more.
  • On demand connectivity as a service is a huge advantage of mobile network.



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