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M360 LATAM 2023

M360 LATAM 2023 will be held MAY 31 – JUNE 1 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Mexico City. Stay tuned for on-demand content including the keynotes.


Opening Keynote 1: Together, Towards a Digital Future

2023-05-31 | 10:00 – 11:15 CST

Latin America is on the way to a primarily digital economy. The number of apps for both consumers and businesses is increasing, offering new experiences that are redefining the way the region connects. While the digital revolution can lead to advances in technology and investment, it can also expose disconnected populations who will be at risk of being excluded from the services that will change our lives. Considering that 7% of the region’s population is unconnected and the current global climate crisis, these agenda items highlight the importance of accelerating progress to achieve sustainable and universal access to connectivity. Join Latin American leaders to discuss future plans for the region.


Keynote 2: Land, sea and space: innovation in response to the coverage gap

2023-06-01 | 10:00 – 11:15 CST

In an increasingly connected digital world, access to reliable connectivity still depends on where you are. Currently, the global coverage gap is approximately 400 million people worldwide. Although terrestrial networks currently offer the best coverage in urban areas, there are still connectivity limitations in remote or inaccessible areas. Other solutions, such as satellites and submarine cables, are increasingly being integrated into mobile networks. A recent report states that the global satellite communications market is expected to reach USD 112.83 billion by 2027. Could it be that the key to closing the connectivity gap lies in the alliance of satellite solutions, mobile phones and submarine cables? Join us for a meeting with leaders in these areas to discuss how to jointly address this connectivity gap.