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Nokia tips 5G to boost investment in Latin America

05 JUN 2019

LIVE FROM MOBILE 360 LATIN AMERICA, MEXICO CITY: Nokia Latin America VP Osvaldo Di Campli (pictured) backed the adoption of 5G in so-called physical industries to boost the region and attract global investment.

During a session assessing 5G’s prospects in the geography, Di Campli explained that while some doubted the viability of investing in the technology, if the most appropriate industries were targeted, it could yield significant benefits.

“The big secret is to look at the use cases that make 5G feasible in our region,” he said. “There is an opportunity to bring the physical and digital companies together in [industries such as] transport and manufacture. There is a new business opportunity in modernising industry.”

Pointing to a project in the mining sector of Peru Nokia is involved in, he said industries such as this and energy production provided enticing opportunities.

The company’s figures pin the economic benefit of digitisation to industry for Latin America’s combined GDP at betwee $100 billion and $200 billion in the next 15 years.

“Some find it hard to justify investments in Latin America, but if we consider [5G for] the industry we can lead Latin America to the next stage,” Di Campli added, noting the technology together with appropriate regulations could bring investment from across the globe.



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