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Mexican watchdog reveals market priorities

20 SEP 2016

LIVE FROM GSMA MOBILE 360 LATIN AMERICA, MEXICO: Commissioner Mario Fromow of the Federal Institute of Communications (IFT) detailed the Mexican regulator’s priorities as new markets such as IoT develop.

Moves made by IFT to increase competition for market leader Telcel (America Movil) were praised by AT&T and Telefonica earlier in the day, but Fromow said that “in spite of the growth, we have great challenges in this arena”.

Speaking in a keynote session, he noted that with IoT providing the opportunity to improve Mexico’s economy across industries through the convergence of technology and the physical world, “the responsibility of the IFT is to facilitate these changes to come to reality for the benefit of Mexico”.

Priority will be given to worldwide standards, with a focus on areas such as interoperability, coexistence, privacy and security. And to support “hyperconnectivity”, an action plan is also being put in place for the adoption of IPv6.

Other work underway by IFT focuses on areas such as shared infrastructure and spectrum.


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