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Huawei says better broadband equals happiness

21 SEP 2016

LIVE FROM GSMA MOBILE 360 LATIN AMERICA, MEXICO: Huawei studied indexes of connectivity and happiness, and found a link between the two, according to Qiu Heng, Huawei’s president of wireless network marketing operations.

The vendor mapped connectivity against figures from the World Happiness Report and discovered a correlation.

The executive provided an explanation that the most fundamental human desires, health and security, can be improved by better broadband.

“From the bottom, people want security – health and safety. Connectivity can provide e-health, surveilliance, environment monitoring.” Improvement in these areas can make a “happier Latin America”, he claimed.

As well as improving health, good quality wireless broadband can counteract natural disasters and international criminals with remote security and monitoring systems, for instance.

“Broadband makes for a better experience which makes you feel happier,” he added.

A feeling of wellbeing is also boosted by what improved connectivity can do for home entertainment. Or to help SMEs, which account for 99 per cent of businesses in Latin America, pursue e-commerce opportunities.

In general, more digital capability powers the region’s economic growth, which of course makes everyone feel happier.


Richard Handford

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