LIVE FROM MOBILE 360 LATIN AMERICA, MEXICO CITY: Mats Granryd, director general of the GSMA, warned regulators not to kill the golden goose brought by intelligent connectivity in return for short-term gains.

Speaking at the first keynote here, Granryd (pictured) said future connectivity, such as innovations built on 5G, will bring significant economic and social benefits to markets in Latin America and beyond but not “if the industry is burdened with colossal debt.”

Echoing statements made to authorities at other major industry and regional events, he warned the mobile sector would require four types of enabling policies in order to usher in the generation of intelligent connectivity tipped to form the backbone of a wide number of industries.

These elements are: timely release of spectrum with appropriate conditions; approval of consolidation to drive investment while maintaining effective competition; equivalent rules for mobile operators and those running digital services; and harmonised international privacy and data protection policies.

While urging officials to do their bit, he noted the industry itself had a responsibility to use its influence to “build a better future for everyone”.

Granryd noted the mobile sector should provide leadership in technology, security and promoting regulation fit for a digital age, while making a collective contribution to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) programme.

The SDGs and other policies that benefit society “should be on every board agenda at every meeting.”

“Why? Because we can, because we should and because it’s good business.”

“It’s also increasingly what’s being demanded by our shareholders,” Granryd noted.

He went on to cite comments from Larry Fink, CEO of fund management company Black Rock, who said leadership in environmental, social and governance matters was now included within his company’s assessment of businesses to potentially invest in.