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ZTE showcases Pre5G smooth evolution solution at MWC Shanghai

29 JUN 2016

ADVERTORIAL – ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today announced at World Mobile Congress Shanghai its cooperation with more than 10 operators on Pre5G, and fully speeding up the 4G network’s evolution to Pre5G.

First presented by ZTE in June 2014, the Pre5G concept, has already been highly recognised by the industry and its massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) also won multiple industry awards. ZTE reckons the Pre5G is the inevitable stage for the 4G’s evolution to 5G. At MWC Shanghai, ZTE released its new Pre5G whitepaper to further explain and explore the connotation of Pre5G.

Incorporating innovative technologies and 3rd generation partnership project long-term evolution advanced (3GPP LTE-A) Pro standards, ZTE’s Pre5G introduces the 5G network concept in advance, to help operators achieve smooth evolution of 4G networks in four dimensions – capacity enhancement, Internet of Things (IoT), amazing user experience and cloud network – keep enhancing the network performance and user experience, practice the business modes and service innovations, which finally accomplishes the seamless connection to 5G networks.

On top of the leading commercial Pre5G massive MIMO products and its network application, ZTE also presented how to evolve smoothly to Pre5G on the FDD LTE network, covering three key technologies of the Pre5G solution: Giga+ MBB, IoT and mobile edge computing.

Based on ZTE’s widely deployed multi-mode remote radio unit (RRU), multi-carrier aggregation and 256 QAM, the Giga+ MBB showed the 1Gbps downlink rate per user, which fully meets the growing data capacity increase demands during the backward evolution of 4G networks. Together with the innovative Neat Cell solution, Giga+ MBB will further enhance the performance of commercial networks.

The narrow-band Internet of Things (NB-IoT) end-to-end solution has also been demonstrated based on the 3GPP standard. The key access technologies and smooth software upgradability of the existing wireless network have been verified. The core network uses virtualization technology to achieve the service’s slicing. Moreover, ZTE’s self-developed NB-IoT chips, modules and IoT platform have been displayed. Together with China Mobile, the featured IoT service such as the intelligent manhole cover monitoring was demonstrated, highlighting ZTE’s powerful end-to-end solution in the IoT field. ZTE’s IoT solution also provides the full openness to cooperate with the third party to promote the IoT network construction.

The virtual reality (VR) applications, based on the mobile-edge computing (MEC) and indoor high speed data transmission, was demonstrated as well. It uses the latest MEC architecture and smoothly transfers the services down to the radio access network (RAN) side by adding new MEC servers on the exiting sites, greatly shortening the service latency. By combining with Qcell Plus indoor solution that supports licence assisted access/ LTE and Wi-Fi Link Aggregation (LAA/LWA), the high speed data transmission is achieved, which fully satisfies the low latency and wider bandwidth requirement from VR and the future 5G services, bringing users the unprecedentedly immersive experiences.

At the exhibition, ZTE SVP Mr. Zhang Jianguo said, “All demonstrations are performed on the premise of being widely-deployed FDD LTE network infrastructure. This proves ZTE’s powerful competitiveness to promote the smooth evolution from the existing 4G to the Pre5G. We are always striving to provide customers with much greater value, assist them in rapid network upgrade to win the market opportunity in advance in the post 4G era.”



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