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What operational metrics should an MNO monitor and manage?

11 NOV 2010

Before a mobile money service can turn a profit, it must first be operationally healthy. This may sound obvious (okay, it definitely sounds obvious), but today many mobile money practitioners are unable to report with clarity whether their service is operationally healthy along the dimensions that matter most.

So today we’re pleased to present a solution to this problem: the GSMA Mobile Money Metrics Dashboard. This Dashboard presents practitioners with an easily digestible summary of their operational metrics that matter most. This tool is more than an excel spreadsheet: for existing customers of Comviva, Fundamo, Sybase 365, or Utiba, the Dashboard can be integrated as a reporting feature free of charge.

Read more: http://mmublog.org/africa-east/what-operational-metrics-should-an-mno-monitor-and-manage/


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