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This thing called mobile payments is actually very difficult

31 MAR 2011

It is worthwhile to read an excellent article written by Ohad Samet (Read here) on why it would be difficult for both Apple and Google to start offering real payment services to both vendors and buyers. It does not make sense to repeat the well structured article, but it is interesting to reflect on two things:Real end-to-end payment solutions are in essence about managing risks. Fraudulent transactions, failed transactions and non-performing transactions should be eliminated from payment schemes. The skills, the technology and the experience to do this effectively, cannot be created overnight. It is not just about appointing the right people, but also about many other things.We all use the products of Apple and Google and we respect what they have achieved. However, it is clear from this article that they will not be able to produce end-to-end payment solutions over-night. It is food for thought to consider this. If great companies like this will have difficulties, would it not be more so for mobile operators, banks and other companies to launch new payment solutions?

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