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The MCOM Fiserv deal. Big deal.

04 APR 2011

This transaction was announced a month ago and I wanted to write something about if for a number of weeks now. The transaction was reported on widely (Read here, here and here), with the Gartner analysis (Read here), probably giving the best (and most sober) view of what happened. Yes it made a lot of sense, with the two companies having worked together for such a long time and also given the success achieved in the US. And it is true, of course, that the Enterprise capabilities of MCOM is now available to Fiserv customers. (if it was not already available).While the companies were quick to point out the benefits of the marraige, it felt similar to the wedding of a couple that have always hanged out and that everyone knew would tie the knot in the end. It is one of those unions that have changed almost nothing and have just developed the relationship to the logical conclusion. Maybe I am too much of a romantic. I wanted to be able to say WOW! this was truely inspirational.Nevertheless, it is time to celebrate and wish the bride and groom a long and prosperous time together.

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